We know how to use CRM for the benefit of your business

We describe and optimize current processes. We develop new processes for sales and marketing departments

We adapt the CRM-system and configure the analytics We develop new functionality

We quickly respond to customer requests. We offer the best possible solution from the perspective of customer costs

Our services:

We describe and develop
Businnes processes
  • We optimize current BP
  • We develop new BP
  • We consult

We describe and optimize current processes. We develop new processes for sales and marketing departments

We adapt
CRM to your business
  • Lead generation
  • Sales
  • Marketing

We adapt the CRM-system and configure the analytics We develop new functionality

We provide
Consulting support
  • Quick response to requests
  • Support of your own projects
  • Support of third-party implementations

We quickly respond to customer requests. We offer the best possible solution from the perspective of customer costs

About us

CRM is the circulatory system of your enterprise, not an expensive notebookexpensive notebook

Our task is to help businesses find optimal solutions. We look for causes and eliminate them, and not just ‘treat the symptoms’.

Each of our projects begins with an analysis of the client’s business processes, and ends with a solution adapted to their specific needs.

As independent experts, we knowingly chose for ourselves the Ukrainian platform of global renown — Creatio, because it meets the needs of medium and large businesses in the best way possible.

We know how to use the system to the full, and we are able to get the job done.

Yaroslav Sivak, the founder.


Adizes Institute

Colleagues, I share my feedback on working with a company that helped us at the Adizes Institute to register and debug business processes. If you use CRM, in particular bpm’online, feel free to contact Yaroslav Syvak from CRM TOOLS.

At the time of the start of cooperation with Yaroslav, we implemented bpm'online in our work and already used crm throughout the year. There were several reasons why we decided to carry out improvements: a mess in the organization of the work of managers working with clients; difficulties in evaluating the effectiveness of the work of managers. But most importantly, we wanted to optimize business processes according to the specifics of our work: ‘boxed’ business processes did not suit us.

First of all we registered contact points for customers with the site, formed a list of existing products, segmented clients, defined criteria for creating leads, and agreed on rules by which the system would find and offer to combine duplicate contact records.

After that, we described the business processes ‘on paper’, and then simulated the sequence of process steps graphically. And only then we transferred processes to the test database, and after the test drive and debugging of small details — to the live one.

In addition, CRM TOOLS helped us to visualize analytical data on dashboards. Thanks to it, we now are able to track any metrics in only few clicks.


What is the result?

  1. We automated business processes, thereby increasing the efficiency of work and productivity of employees at times.
  2. Lost and unprocessed leads reduced to zero by organizing better control over their processing.
  3. We carry out in-depth analysis of leads in the context of sources of drawing customers, types of needs, stages, responsible employees, in other words, we track the movement of leads from drawing custom to a successfully closed deal.


We should also note the speed and quality of feedback from CRM TOOLS specialists. It is very nice when, after paying for a product / service, you as a customer are not forgotten. After the end of the project, we repeatedly asked questions to Yaroslav and always received high-quality consulting support.

Big thanks for helping us become better. We still have something to work on, because CRM is like a musical instrument: once you have learned how to play it, you cannot stop, you need to improve your skills on a daily basis, and only in this case it will ‘sound’ cleanly and fully.

We wish you interesting projects and grateful, satisfied customers!


AQUADAR ™ is originally a service company, our specialization is water purification. In our industry, the customer is very demanding and rarely forgives mistakes. After all, it concerns his health.

With the growth of the company, we faced the task of accounting and automating all customer relationships. Simply put, we wanted to avoid the loss of leads at any stage of sales prior to the conclusion of the transaction, to ensure the timeliness of the routine maintenance and accounting for the leased equipment with its full history.

At this stage it was obvious that we need high-quality CRM. By this time, I already had experience in implementing two CRMs from different suppliers, which only partially could close the required functionality. Therefore, we have developed the necessary selection criteria and compared the products of the market leaders. After analysis, the optimal solution for us was #bpmonline CRM. This is a global combine that can cover absolutely all business processes in a company and integrate them into a single ecosystem.

So, we paid for the licenses, studied the training documentation and, using the advice of a personal consultant, began to integrate the system into the company. And after 6 months we realized that we were progressing extremely slowly, the program is not working properly, nothing is working out. It was the most difficult period, and it was necessary to change something immediately.

At the forum of business and IT leaders | Terrasoft I met Yaroslav Syvak, the founder of CRM TOOLS. We signed a contract and set to work.

At the first stage, we were pleasantly surprised by the expert approach: we began with the presentation of BP on paper (electronic) in the form of block-circuits, reflecting all the interactions in the company. We found our ‘bottlenecks’ and together corrected these processes by discussing of how it should be done. And only then we started to configure the functionality of the system. Thus, the system was adapted to existing processes, and not vice versa.

Several times we faced the fact that the standard solutions of the program can not satisfy us. In such cases, Yaroslav and his team added necessary modifications to the code or offered a creative solution using standard tools. In another 4 months we completed the integration of the system, and now it is fully functional.

I am pleased to recommend CRM Tools for bpm'online integration. This is a really cool product, but it must be setted by professionals. Do not waste your time for nothing.


Stanislav Bielochkin — Marketing Director at Affise, SaaS solution in the field of performance marketing.

Before implementation, we could not effectively analyze sales processes and track the effectiveness of our advertising campaigns. In the end, we completely reworked the processes and adapted them to our funnel system. I am completely satisfied with the cooperation with CRM Tools. All answers are at the appropriate times, everything is on schedule, and most importantly — CRM Tools specialists are always ready to offer an alternative solution based on their experience. At the moment we are planning only to increase the scope of tasks and improve CRM as far as possible. I recommend CRM Tools, because I am fully confident in their competence!

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