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Description and develop of BP

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Any business has processes, even if most of its employees do not think so.

Most likely, a desire to put things in order in the processes of your enterprise have led you on this page. We are sincerely convinced that any automation is doomed to fail if you hadn’t identified and described at least main business processes of your business beforehand. The marketing, sales and production processes are the fundamental ones.

Our experts will help you to:

  • Describe the main processes of your company as they are now
  • Provide recommendations for their optimization
  • Teach your employees to identify and describe them
  • Select an optimal system configuration to help you save costs on licenses.

Why describe the processes?

In most cases, the enterprise began with the owner who just qualitatively did his job. Subsequently, this person received more orders and had to hire assistants that studied outright from the owner. With the enterprise development, new departments with more and more monotechnic areas of expertise started to appear. This is how a situation occurred when no one (perhaps except the business owner) being able to tell exactly how the order is moving from the client's wish to the end product or service. Every employee knows only their part of the work, and so-called ‘bottlenecks’ take place in the edge cases. That's why the the addressee receives the order in 5 days instead of 1. That's also why customers wait for their issues to be resolved for hours or even days instead of a few minutes.

Only a clear description of business processes ‘as they are’, with subsequent modeling, will be able to visually demonstrate you the problematic areas of your business.

Qualitatively described business process is the basis of successful implementation of CRM or BPM-system into your enterprise.

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Our competence in the implementation of CRM-systems

  • Adaptation of current business processes to system logic
  • Development of technical tasks
  • Development of new functionality on the Creatio platform
  • Integration with external systems (1C, site, etc.)
  • Recommendations for preventing conflict situations in the team when implementing
  • Development of instructions and documentation for personnel
  • Training of personnel

In the vast majority of cases, the boxed CRM solution does not solve the client's problems, because there are no exactly identical businesses with the same speed of development, goals and problems. Even if the boxed solution is as flexible as they come (such as Creatio), the question arises: how to configure it properly to the current requirements from the client? How to apply the platform's tools so they are convenient for employees to work with, and so the customer can receive relevant analytical information in a timely and convenient manner. Usually, the customer thinks that the integrator knows everything, and the integrator thinks that the customer will provide him with all the necessary information (in the form of a clearly formulated technical task). As a result, 86% of customers are not satisfied with the quality of implementation, and about half of them refuse the project altogether.

That's why we immerse in the client's business at the very beginning of the implementation process. We try to understand how and why the processes work, if the team is tuned to changes and, most importantly, if this enterprise needs the CRM system at this development stage (yes, we talk customers out of buying CRM systems and do this quite often). If a need for the system does exist, we choose an optimal solution to cover customer needs as high as possible.

The ‘rejection’ of the CRM by the team is also an immediate problem. Our experience allows us to recommend owners how to avoid conflicts or at least reduce the destructive consequences for the enterprise.

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Any software product needs support. CRM-system is no exception. Moreover, such products require quick handling of requests. In many cases, a mistake in the system leads to stopping the entire production process. That's why our team puts great emphasis on providing qualitative and timely consulting support for customers.

We support:

  • Own design solutions

Usually, after the implementation is finished, our cooperation with customers only begins. In the implementation process, the clients understand what they could do differently and what could be significantly modernized. Real people begin working with the product, and they have many questions and edits. At this time, an effective mechanism for receiving and processing calls in the shortest possible time and with the utmost attention to each user is very important. This is how we work when supporting our project solutions.

  • ‘Third-party’ or unsuccessful implementations

It often happens that clients try to cut down implementation expenses and implement new systems by themselves. Sometimes they succeed and an implementation like that is super efficient. But, usually, this doesn’t work out. As a result, an expensive CRM-system either does not work, or works on 5% of its capabilities. We readily support such clients, upon condition that we fully audit the current system and the client carries our recommendations out. Frequently the clients only need a direction for thoughts and can do the rest on their own. Our experience in working with various business fields and the experience in solving typical implementation problems  will be useful for such clients; first of all, consultation is necessary at the stage of choosing a solution — we will suggest you the way to save your money on licenses and, at the same time, get as much useful functions as possible.

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