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AQUADAR ™ is originally a service company, our specialization is water purification. In our industry, the customer is very demanding and rarely forgives mistakes. After all, it concerns his health.

With the growth of the company, we faced the task of accounting and automating all customer relationships. Simply put, we wanted to avoid the loss of leads at any stage of sales prior to the conclusion of the transaction, to ensure the timeliness of the routine maintenance and accounting for the leased equipment with its full history.

At this stage it was obvious that we need high-quality CRM. By this time, I already had experience in implementing two CRMs from different suppliers, which only partially could close the required functionality. Therefore, we have developed the necessary selection criteria and compared the products of the market leaders. After analysis, the optimal solution for us was #bpmonline CRM. This is a global combine that can cover absolutely all business processes in a company and integrate them into a single ecosystem.

So, we paid for the licenses, studied the training documentation and, using the advice of a personal consultant, began to integrate the system into the company. And after 6 months we realized that we were progressing extremely slowly, the program is not working properly, nothing is working out. It was the most difficult period, and it was necessary to change something immediately.

At the forum of business and IT leaders | Terrasoft I met Yaroslav Syvak, the founder of CRM TOOLS. We signed a contract and set to work.

At the first stage, we were pleasantly surprised by the expert approach: we began with the presentation of BP on paper (electronic) in the form of block-circuits, reflecting all the interactions in the company. We found our ‘bottlenecks’ and together corrected these processes by discussing of how it should be done. And only then we started to configure the functionality of the system. Thus, the system was adapted to existing processes, and not vice versa.

Several times we faced the fact that the standard solutions of the program can not satisfy us. In such cases, Yaroslav and his team added necessary modifications to the code or offered a creative solution using standard tools. In another 4 months we completed the integration of the system, and now it is fully functional.

I am pleased to recommend CRM Tools for bpm'online integration. This is a really cool product, but it must be setted by professionals. Do not waste your time for nothing.

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